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Services and activities

Services and activities

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The Commission can carry out an investigation, on its own initiative or following receipt of a complaint related to human rights or youth rights. After the investigation, the Commission decides if there is enough evidence. If it is the case, the Commission can suggest corrective measures or represent the complainant before the court.


Mediation can be suggested at all times during the human rights complaint process. Mediation is a fast and efficient way to settle a disagreement out-of-court. An impartial mediator helps the parties work out a durable and fair agreement in an average of 3 months.

Legal representation

If the Commission decides to represent a complainant in court, and will represent the complainant throughout the process.

The lawyer responsible of the case will:

  • send the Commission’s decision and a signed letter of explanation to the complainant
  • explains to the complainant the different steps involved in the legal process and the legal issues associated to his or her case
  • ensures the complainant is well prepared for the court hearing

This service is free, as are all services offered by the Commission.


Our education-cooperation service:

  • offers a variety of learning approaches aiming at raising public awareness and promting and sharing the principles of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, the Youth Protection Act and the Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • cooperates with any organization dedicated to human rights and freedoms promotion, in or outside Québec

Advisory service on reasonable accomodation

This advisory-service is specially intended for:

  • managers and human resource managers
  • union representatives
  • any person who must respond to a request for reasonnable accommodation in the workplace

Our professional staff respond to requests by:

  • analyzing the facts
  • reviewing the relevant legal framework and jurisprudence
  • offering advice tailored to the work environment

Support for development and implementation of equal access to employment programs

The Commission supports organizations and private businesses in implementing an equal access to employment program.

Rights and Freedoms Award

Since 1988, the Commission awards the Rights and Freedoms Prize each year to an organization, a company or an individual as a public recognition for exceptional achievement or commitment to the defence of human rights and freedoms. The prize is traditionally awarded at a ceremony in Montréal, to mark the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is celebrated every year on December 10.


Did you know?

All services offered by the Commission are free and available to all persons in Québec.